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Barbara Doran in the Media

April 24, 2013
Letter to the editor/Doran’s a Loyal Leader, Centre Daily Times

“Since finishing in fourth place in last year’s election, Doran has spent a great deal of time and energy preparing to a strong, courageous and knowing alumni representative. She has a deep passion for and loyalty to Penn State…she is a free thinker, able to focus on the task at hand, frank in her assessments of people and problems…”

April 18, 2013
Letter-to-the-Editor/Doran Well Respected, Centre Daily Times
Doran has all the important and necessary characteristics to represent alumni on the Penn State Board of Trustees and to effect change – her values and character, openness and honesty, drive and conviction, smarts and relevant experience, and her love and appreciation for Penn State…

April 12, 2013 Anthony Lubrano

Radio ad featureing "Team Lubrano"

Download and play file here

March 25, 2013 The Daily Collegian

PS4RS announces candidate endorsements

“I feel more strongly than ever that the board bears most of the responsibility for what happened,” Doran said, adding that pushing former Penn State President Graham Spanier aside and not letting him manage the crisis was “a grave mistake.”

February 4, 2012 Penn State Radio

Candidate Views on Penn State Radio:

March 31, 2012: Listen to Doran's Interview on the Goon Show

Because of the ongoing crisis and disastrous actions (and inaction) of the board and university, many Penn State alumni are doing everything they can to help change our existing governance and leadership structures and personnel. Not only are they/we continuing to pressure the current board of trustees, but some dedicated groups and individuals are donating their time and resources to helping all 86 candidates for the board have an opportunity to be heard and vetted by the alumni community.

PS4RS 2012 Campaign Video

Maribeth Roman Schmidt, PS4RS public relations coordinator, received a surprise visit last month from PSU graduate Tom Caamano, president of Eladio Productions, who expressed gratitude for our organization's efforts and offered his video services to help. Maribeth asked if he would do a short campaign video featuring the PS4RS-endorsed candidates, and he agreed. PS4RS member Gary Levitt, retired founding partner of Philadelphia's Sonder Levitt, was enlisted to write the script and promptly sprang into action.

Tom traveled to New York for a shoot with Barbara Doran and to the Philadelphia suburbs for sessions with Mark Connolly and Anthony Lubrano. He also shot on location; the stills on this page and page 1 are from session or campus footage and are used with the permission of Tom Caamano of Eladio Productions. PS4RS deeply appreciates the time and talent that these two respected professionals are giving to this project.

February 4, 2013 Daily Collegian

"I am running for the Board of Trustees again because those responsible for the crisis of the last year still govern and continue to fail us…" She said the needs of the university have changed dramatically…and the charter is long overdue to be updated.

January 18, 2013 Centre Daily Times

Barbara Doran again vying for seat on Penn State board of trustees "I am running again because those responsible for the crisis of the last year still govern and continue to fail us, and because I am passionate about this great university and the people who make it so," she said.

Read more here:

January 16, 2013

Press Release from Campaign for Barbara Doran for PSU BOT

Barbara Doran, who came in a close fourth in last year's Board of Trustees election for Penn State, announced she would be running again. "I am running for the Board of Trustees again because those responsible for the crisis of the last year still govern and continue to fail us, and because I am passionate about this great university and the people who make it so." Doran, along with 85 other alumni, ran for one of three alumni seats that open up annually, and attracted the fourth highest tally. She was also one of three candidates endorsed by the independent group Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship, the largest Penn State reformist group with over 10,000 members. Nominations for the ballot opened Tuesday, and Doran became the first to publicly announce her candidacy. (Fifty electronic signatures are needed to qualify for the ballot. Actual voting begins April 10 and concludes on an unannounced date in May.)

Last year’s May election garnered intense interest by alumni and the Pennsylvania media because of the Sandusky scandal and the firing of icon Joe Paterno and the highly respected President of the University, Graham Spanier. Critics contend there was no due process, causing irreparable harm to Penn State’s reputation; and that the Freeh report, which roundly condemned key members of the university administration, including Paterno, the board, and Penn State's institutional culture, was fatally flawed.

Outspoken critics, including Doran, say that Penn State became “publicly and unfairly synonymous with Sandusky's crimes because of the botched leadership of the board. By firing both Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier -- without any investigation whatsoever -- the board effectively told the world that we had indeed covered up the heinous actions of a now-convicted pedophile -- a cover-up which has not been proven -- severely damaging our reputation and unfairly destroying two men whose contributions to Penn State were enormous," Doran said.

Doran says the board should have made clear that the Freeh report, while making some good operational and organizational recommendations that are rapidly being implemented, was limited by an inability to interview three of the four key players due to death and legal issues, and was forced to make assumptions of intent not necessarily grounded in hard fact. The report should also have been positioned as one input among many, says Doran, not the canonical document it has become to the public. "By not re-framing and marginalizing the very-flawed Freeh report," Doran said, "it has become accepted fact. We were Waco'd."

Doran says she is representing alumni who feel that the leadership of the university is not standing up for Penn State, its values or its culture, and that allowing the NCAA to bully it is the most egregious example. "They had months to work the back channels of the NCAA and to do some scenario planning. The NCAA blackmailed our leadership, threatening the nuclear option if there was any push back at all, and that is unacceptable," Doran states. She says whatever his motivation, Governor Corbett is “doing the right thing by taking on the over-reaching NCAA.”

She says that once governance issues are settled, and that includes changes in size, composition and longevity of board members, the board and university leadership "must focus on the biggest challenge.

November 9, 2012 Centre Daily Times
Anger remains close to the surface over Jerry Sandusky scandal...
"Those alumni are upset," Doran said. "I think there is a tremendous sense
of injustice."

July 23, 2012 Centre Daily Times
Penn State sanctions: Alumni decry penalties...
Doran said she's "disappointed that the NCAA relied solely on the Freeh
report, which despite its important contributions and recommendations, did
not have access to vital testimony of most of the leaders under scrutiny,
and made assumptions as to intent and motive not factually supported. This
is not about the football program but about a broader institutional mindset
that was seriously deficient in transparency and accountability; the NCAA is
overreaching here."

July 21, 2012 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Activists jockey for Penn State Board Seat...
Barbara Doran is a reform group's pick for the opening.

July 20, 2012 Centre Daily Times
Corbett's dual role as Penn State trustee, former attorney general under
"His fiduciary responsibility as a board member to put the university first
was almost certainly compromised by both his own personal involvement and
his role as governor who must put the interests of the state first," Doran

April 23, 2012 The Daily Collegian
Candidates Interact with Alumni...
Doran said she hopes Penn State will allow those who aren't part of the
alumni association, or haven't given to the university in the past several
years, to automatically receive a ballot.

April 19, 2012 The Daily Collegian
BOT candidates talk election, Penn State memories
"... help board members understand and accept their own failures of
oversight and leadership...initiate a major plan designed to address a
long-standing culture of insularity and complacency...restructuring and
downsizing the board, important resignations, an admission that they acted
precipitously in firing Joe Paterno... Students are drowning in debt: this
must be our primary focus -- once we settle our governance issues."

April 9, 2012 The Penn Stater Magazine
Penn State Alumni Association Questions and Doran Answers...
"A newly awakened alumni base, eager to make changes to the existing board
governance, is an important group whose support and action should be
enlisted to ...Government seems ignorant of the broader social and economic
contributions of the land-grant institution, and continues to slash funding
to an unsustainable degree. How do we continue to provide education,
research and public service...yet have no offsetting income source? We must
innovate in what we offer and how."

April 10, 2012 Centre Daily Times
Meet the Board of Trustees candidates...
"I am running because of the catastrophic failure of both university and
board leadership and governance that led to this self-inflicted crisis. The
board must accept accountability for all that has happened on their

April 9, 2012 The Associated Press
Record turnout expected for Penn State Board of Trustees vote...
"Joe Paterno was sacrificed...because of the howling mob in the media," said
Doran. At the same time, she's heartened that so many people have taken an
interest in university governance... "It says that you have amazing,
dedicated, interested alumni that so care about the university they want to
personally get involved."

March 16, 2012 The Daily Collegian
The Daily CollegianPS4RS call for BOT's resignation, endorsed candidates
weigh in...
PS4RS call for BOT's resignation, endorsed candidates weigh in
Doran... commented on the organization's call for the board's resignation.

March 16, 2012 Centre Daily Times
Doran Editorial...
"They (the board) now say they fired Paterno because his decision 'not to do
more to follow up constituted a failure of leadership.' What about their own
failure to follow up and to lead?"

February 29, 2012 The Daily Collegian
Board of Trustees to Announce Candidates...
Doran said she is pleased that alumni have so much interest in this year's
election... "a lot of people are concerned with what's happened have the
interest of the university at heart."

February 6, 2012 The Harrisburg Patriot
Penn State grassroots alumni group announces its endorsed candidates for
trustee seats
The grassroots alumni group announced its backing of ... Barbara
Doran...chosen from a field of more than 100 alumni who expressed interest
and 51 who completed the rigorous group's application process...further
vetted by nearly 5,000 Penn State alumni and friends.

February 6, 2012 The Daily Collegian
Board of Trustees candidates call for transparency during radio interview...
"The board's charter is nearly identical to that of 1855 when the university
was begun, and the charter and bylaws need to be reviewed," Doran said.

February 2, 2012 Centre Daily Times
Two More Seek Trustees Post...
"There is clearly a problem with the governance at Penn State, and the board
is part and parcel of it, as are the bylaws and the way board members are
appointed," Doran said. "There are deep structural issues and a culture that
seem to have mitigated against an aggressively independent-minded board on
many important issues, not just this one."


February 20, 1995 Fortune Magazine
Doran says she felt continually hemmed in at large organizations by the
expectations of her bosses. "It's often not enough to be good..."


June 22, 2012 Lacrosse Magazine
Title IX: A Legacy in Lacrosse 40 Years Late...
"I skipped basketball my senior year to work with another women's sports
activist from the sports information office.."

Fall, 2008  Varsity S Newsletter
Barb Doran, a Proud, Three-Sport Student-Athlete

May, 1999 Town & Gown
Town & Gown: May '99 | State's Greats
"It was very exciting," she said."From the time I was in junior high, you're
fighting for gym space and never getting the same treatment...You were
always agitating for change..."

March 10, 1975 Sports Illustrated
Fight, Ladies, Fight!
...cites her continued harassment, since freshman year, of the Penn State athletic department and the campus newspaper about their attitudes toward women in sport. "Women coaches were always fierce with us, and yet they accepted second-rate status from the school administration...I took out an ad in the paper (The Daily Collegian). I paid for it, thanking the sports staff for their inspiring, in-depth coverage of the Lady Lion lacrosse team, referring to the two four-line stories that had appeared that season. The paper offered to do an article on women's sports if I'd withdraw the advertisement. I refused."


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