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Endorsements and Recommendations

The Paterno Family

“It is a critical time for Penn State and the Board of Trustees’ Elections are critical…it is vital to truly work for a better future for Penn State. We cannot solve the problem with the same level of thinking that created the problem…Penn Staters For Responsible Stewardship (PS4RS) has formed to encourage better governance for PSU, and they have put the university first. I urge you to follow their lead. PS4RS recommends … #22 – Barbara Doran. PS4RS is providing leadership, transparency, and true commitment to our alma mater’s future.”

Franco Harris and Barbara DoranFranco Harris
Former Penn State and NFL Football Player

Having supported Barbara last year as well, Franco is giving his official support to Barbara for the 2013 Alumni seat electoin to the Board of Trustees.

Anthony Lubrano
Penn State Trustee

The Board of Trustees needs members who are independent, fair-minded thinkers who believe in transparency and accountability.  It also needs people with the gravitas to stand up to those who believe the path forward is to ignore the past.  We need Trustees who believe due process and the willingness to seek the truth are still important qualities of an institution of higher learning. On April 10, the voting begins for three Alumni-elected Trustees.  Not surprisingly, 39 candidates have stepped forward to serve our great school.  I have had an opportunity to meet and/or speak with many of these candidates.  For different reasons upon which I will elaborate, I have decided to endorse the following three:

I met Barbara during last year’s alumni election when we were both endorsed by Penn Staters 4 Responsible Stewardship (PS4RS).  Though she finished fourth in the balloting last year, Barbara has been relentless in her campaign for due process and truth, and has been rightly endorsed by PS4RS again this year.  With an MBA from Harvard, her extensive leadership experience in business, finance and on nonprofit boards will lend itself to the governance of the many facets of Penn State’s $4.3 billion budget and to taking on the many challenges confronting us.

Please join me in voting for Barbara L. Doran (#22), Robert C. Jubelirer (#35) and William F. Oldsey (#36).

Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship
Alumni Watchdog Group of 18,000 members

In the name of trustworthy and transparent leadership at Penn State, PS4RS announced its endorsement of trustee candidates Edward "Ted" Brown, III, Barbara L.Doran and William F.Oldsey, who will all be on election ballot to be issued April 10.

"There is no question that the PS4RS membership is endorsing three of the most dynamic and qualified candidates on the ballot," said PS4RS founder Michelle Murosky. "These candidates were chosen by our election committee who first selected the Top Six from a field of 29 who completed the rigorous PS4RS application process. Then, PS4RS members, comprised of alumni, students and supporters of Penn State, selected the Top Three candidates during a week‐long, online primary election."

"PS4RS set out to endorse three candidates who are the very best representatives of Penn State in thought, word and deed. We very much look forward to the leadership that Mr. Brown, Ms.Doran and Mr. Oldsey will provide to the university during this time of crisis."

Jack L. Rivkin
Director, Idealab, Director, Neuberger Berman Mutual Funds, Director, World Policy Institute

I am writing in support of Barbara Doran's application to be a nominee for the Penn State Board of Trustees.

In my role as Head of Equities at Lehman Brothers back in the early 90's and later, as the Chief Investment Officer of Neuberger Berman, a $160b asset management firm, I recruited and hired her for two very different roles.

As a star institutional equity salesperson at Lehman in the early '90's, she was the #1 producer, and set a high standard of performance, integrity and teamwork. Her intelligence, resourcefulness and creative approach to problem solving individually and as a leader of others are matched only by her energy and relentless work ethic.  At Neuberger, she had a far more diverse and entrepreneurial role, part management, part problem-solver, a jack-of-all-trades with plenty of fresh ideas and the will and know-how to get things done. I came in as a change agent to bring certain areas of the firm up to tier one standards, and I hired Barbara to play a critical role in achieving that.

While she is a great team player, she is also not afraid to speak out about issues and problems she believes can be improved. I am aware for instance, that she has served on several boards for many years, for organizations for which she has a passion and deep commitment, and to which she has made important contributions in time and ideas. I know that in one particular case, she was advised by legal counsel to resign from a highly dysfunctional and controversial board for potential liability reasons. She was determined, however, to stay to work for change with some others on the board. Eventually this led to major positive changes in the organization.

I think she would be a strong addition to the Penn State board, unafraid to work for change, with firm ideas about the importance of transparency, accountability, communication and board fiduciary responsibilities.  I know that she has been deeply involved in the current five year campaign for Penn State, working primarily with varsity teams, and apparently was very involved in Title IX activist issues for women's sports when she was a three-sport varsity athlete there in the early '70's. (She became Penn State's first woman to make the US lacrosse and field hockey teams, and I believe, has been honored in various ways by the university since then.)

I think that her sense of justice, combined with the deep experience, skills and talents she most certainly would apply, would make her an active force on Penn State's Board of Trustees. She has always expressed a passion and a fondness for Penn State. Somehow it always came up in conversations on a variety of topics. She was an important force while there and certainly would be a valuable representative of Penn State’s innate values. I offer my unconditional support of her candidacy.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Kathy Heinz
Former Head Coach, United States National Women's Lacrosse Team

  • US Lacrosse Hall of Fame Member
  • USWLA Honorary Member
  • USWLA National Coach 1972-1977

I have known Barb Doran since she was a student at Penn State. During that time she exemplified the student athlete. By exercising ability, integrity and discipline she was able to move from undergraduate life to Harvard Business School and to represent the United States in both lacrosse and field hockey.

Barb has acute lateral vision which has served her well in her sporting activities but more importantly in her awareness and understanding of problems and how to meet the challenges posed. These abilities were vital as she worked as a United States Field Hockey board member to bring about necessary change through diplomatic and political dialogue and effective comprehension regarding the use of bylaws to encourage a more transparent, open and wide ranging board responsibility. Barb fully understands the operation of people skills within the group process.

While representing the United States on an undefeated thirteen match tour of the British Isles which established the United States as the world leader in women's lacrosse, Barb experienced excellence - what is required and the resultant responsibility. So many of Barb's strengths were apparent as a tremendously talented individual was able to mesh with others for the greater team success. She is a free thinker, able to focus on the task at hand, frank in her assessments of both people and problems. She is a fierce, fervent fighter showing personal integrity and team loyalty.

With her vast experience and success in the financial world and her ability to express herself through both the written and spoken word, Barb brings a wide ranging view point to the table and a willingness to work for the greater good.

John Read
Former President of Outward Bound

Barbara has let me know of her passion to participate in the governance of her (other) alma mater. While this passion has been fueled by recent events, it is clear from her longstanding engagement with Penn State sports that this interest is not reliant on those events.

"Character" is another topic that has engaged her interest and her passion, and so being asked to comment on hers is intriguing. Barbara and I became acquainted over the 10 year period in which I served as the chief executive for Outward Bound USA and she was elected to serve on one of our boards. Barbara was a dedicated and fully engaged board member, devoted to character development in young people from all walks of life. Whether through this work or in relation to our shared alumni connection to the Harvard Business School, I have come to know her as a person of complete integrity and high ethical standards. She 'walks the talk' in her commitment to service and her willingness to engage, not simply punch up her resume with non-profit experience.

There are no 'large' events in my work with Barbara that would evidence character (or the lack of it), only the small acts of a compassionate individual in service to others that reveal a service ethic. In her line of work and among our fellow HBS alums, these qualities often only appear when they are 'affordable'. Not so with her, as her resume and my experience attest. You will be sorting through a longer list of prospects to find men and women whom you believe will stand for the character and integrity required of good governance at Penn State. You will be proud of the contributions Barbara Doran will make as a Trustee.

Ira Stolzer
NCAA Gymnastics Team

  • Class of 1976
  • Co-Captain 1976 NCAA Gymnastics Team Champions
  • Vice Chairman of the Penn State Campaign For the Future; Chairman, Varsity S Committee

I am writing on behalf of Barb Doran who is running for the Board of Trustees. I have worked closely with Barb over the last four years on the For the Future Campaign as Vice Chairman. I selected her as one of my Team Captains, where she is responsible for all fundraising efforts for all former women athletes who've lettered in fall sports. Barb's greatest strengths include creating and managing change; communicating openly for a better future state for academics and athletics, and moving others toward that vision; as well as she acts as change agent for the university.

Barb is bright, she has the courage to make difficult decisions, and is politically savvy. I can unequivocally recommend Barb Doran for a position on the Board of Trustees at Penn State University.

At a time when the Board needs both diversity and strong interpersonal skills, Barb Doran brings both. She acts with honor and character and would be a tremendous asset to the institution.

Meri Dembrow
Former Treasurer, USAFH; BS, Purdue; MBA, Michigan

Barbara works passionately and tirelessly to make positive change. She is relentless in her pursuit of transparency, ethical governance and organizational excellence. Barb is not swayed by groupthink; she listens carefully and does her homework on critical issues. Having served with Barb for four years on USA Field Hockey's Board of Directors, I can wholeheartedly say that she righted many wrongs, celebrated successes, and made that organization more accountable. Additionally, over the years I got to know Barb, her love for Penn State became very clear to me. As an alumna of two Big Ten schools, I urge all of you "who are Penn State" to elect Barbara Doran Trustee of your university.

Nancy Cunningham
Former Freshmen Year Hallmate, Runkle Hall

Barbara is EXACTLY the right person for this position at this crucial juncture in Penn State's history. Her creativity, determination and passion for justice as well as her skills to effect positive change are undeniable. She always has been and will continue to be a champion!

Alan Stoga
President, Zemi Communications; Former Chief Economist, Kissinger and Associates

In a country where the quality of leadership seems to be in free fall, one has to seize on the rare examples of someone like Barb with a vision investing their time, energy and imagination in an issue for the sake of the issue itself. Fixing what's broken at PSU is not only in the interest of the Penn State community, but also of the nation. We need new governance and we need new governance models. And we need people like Barb willing to try to animate them.

Bob McNeal
Former Army Officer

Barb has the courage to dare to be different if it is the right thing to do and she'll do it with earnest perseverance. Inspiring ideas will be her hearthfelt forte in support of her dear Penn State. She will challenge the environment at PSU and provide reasoned direction. She will be a tenacious leader with sound manangement and fairness to all interests in her role as Trustee.

Tim Unger
Class of '76 – Varsity soccer; Former CEO and President Start-up Technology Companies

I'm voting for Barbara Doran.

A three sport varsity scholarship athlete and Penn State graduate. Seven years as a U.S. National (Olympic equivalent) Team member in two different sports. A Harvard MBA with a storied business career on Wall Street. Years of valuable and directly related experience on National non-profit boards. Personal values and ethics beyond reproach. Fine communication skills, and, a history of pulling together people of differing views ultimately working to successful outcomes. These are just some of the fine reasons why Barbara deserves your vote.

Last year out of 86 candidates Barbara was the 4th highest vote-getter behind Adam Taliaferro, Anthony Lubrano & Ryan McCombie and just missed winning a seat and working for you.

Since last year's election, Barbara has worked vigilantly sitting upon several University committees while staying ever dedicated to restoring Penn State's sterling reputation.

For this Board of Trustee election, let's be certain Barbara joins Adam, Anthony & Ryan in carrying the torch and achieving meaningful change. We're back!

VOTE: Barbara Doran!


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