Barbara Doran - Independent. Accountable. Resolute.

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  Barbara Doran - Candidate for Penn State Board of Trustees

"I urge you all to vote…and send a message that times have changed at Penn State."Barbara Doran

  Barbara Doran
Penn State Board of Trustee Candidate

Why Choose Barbara Doran?

I am passionate about this great university and the people who make it so, and believe the board needs a diverse set of people, who are independent and fair-minded, who have strong beliefs in the importance of transparency and accountability, and who are unafraid to stand up and fight for Penn State and its values, whether it is against the media, the NCAA, Louis Freeh, other board members, or university leadership.

I was Penn State's first woman to make the national (Olympic-level) teams in two sports: it didn't come easily or immediately, but I never gave up. As a Title IX and women's sports activist at Penn State, fighting for fair and equal treatment of women athletes, I gave up my senior year of varsity basketball to do the block and tackling of the first women's sports information effort in the country: keeping stats, writing press releases on former teammates, and getting them published. When the Editor-in-Chief of the The Daily Collegian refused to assign reporters to cover women sports, I covered the sports in which I played myself, and continued the battle in other ways.

Having worked for many years in both publishing and the financial services industry, in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments, I am not afraid to put myself on the line, to risk failure in pursuit of a worthy goal, and to speak my mind (despite the sometimes negative personal consequences). I am relentless in pursuit, with high energy and optimism, independent, and resourceful. I also have an old-fashioned concept of honor, of doing what you say you will, and of accepting responsibility for things gone awry.

Having played team sports for many years and worked in business for decades, I place high value on teamwork, and know how important "working across the aisle" and using all available resources is to success. Communication is an embedded value and of high priority. I am unafraid of hard truths and of standing up for them.

For over 25 years, I have served on various nonprofit boards for organizations whose missions I cared deeply about and who were struggling in some way to fulfill their missions, much as I view our situation at Penn State today. Perhaps most relevant, I worked to reform the failed leadership and governance practices of a national governing sports body by directly challenging the leadership with other like-minded reformers recruited for the task: we restructured the board to bring in new independent members, overhauled the by-laws and nominating committee, and ultimately forced out the Board Chairperson and Executive Director.

Strength of purpose, experience, maturity, and the leadership skills to get things done: that plus the commitment and promise to be a tireless advocate for change are what I believe I would offer as a member of Penn State's Board of Trustees.

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Barbara Doran PSU Candidate for Board of Trustees

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